• About Benicia Yoga & Wellness

  • Benicia Yoga and Wellness offers Yoga classes and Bodywork that are meant to help you reach your own state of optimum health. We strive to meet the individual needs of the student or client, and welcome those with physical challenges or limitations.

    Our Yoga classes are meant to make you feel good, in an atmosphere free from judgment and competition. Most of our teachers are also yoga therapists, meaning they are trained in creating the best possible practices for students with a wide variety of physical and mental conditions. Our teachers go beyond demonstrating the poses by getting off their mats and offering individual attention in order to enhance the student's overall yoga experience. Whether we help you adjust the pose with props or guide you deeper into your pose, it is all about helping you get the most out of your practice and finding balance between body, mind and spirit. Most of us have no idea how tense we are until we release that tension.

    We offer private Yoga classes for those that need more individual attention than the class environment is capable of providing and for those who are not comfortable in a group setting.

    Some health issues respond better to touch than movement, for instance carpal tunnel syndrome, plantars fasciitis, frozen shoulder, sciatica/piriformis syndrome, low back pain and many more. For the people who suffer unnecessarily, and for those who want to increase their energy, life force and flexibility, we offer several types of Bodywork.

    Many of our students and clients are beyond the first bloom of youth and have needs that are not met by generic fitness-type yoga or generic massage. We offer a community and a Yoga home to those who wish to focus on their health and well-being!


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