• Beauty

  • Use your eyes to seek out magnificence in your world today. Not what's missing or what's wrong; because you will find what you are looking for.

    Also, having a sense of gratitude towards what is right in your world makes the parts that are not so right seem less overwhelming. If all you see are unfinished tasks, wrongs to be righted, pains to be cured/endured, grief to be borne, then how can you not feel overwhelmed? Try to focus, even if only for a few minutes, on everything that is good and right in your life. The body parts that are healthy, the things you have, the people you love and that love you. Express your gratitude. 

    Now look at your problem again: See, it shrunk. Because now you're looking at it from your center of strength, your center of being, whose strength and beauty is unaffected by the world around you. You can never lose this center, this True Self. You can only lose sight of it. When that happens, find your way back though gratitude.


    First published in February 2010.