• How to Fold Your Laundry

  • In a previous newsletter we talked about measuring your self worth by the list of things we get accomplished during the day instead of realizing that our self worth is based on our existence as whole human beings. Taking time for 'being' helps to balance out all the 'doing' and leaves us less depleted by the end of the day.

    Now there will always be days when it is just one thing after another (at least until you learn to schedule your time to 'be' as high on your priority list as any other task). Even on those days you can nourish your spirit, if you take care to be present while you 'do'. Folding the laundry? Instead of worrying about the next task on the list or grumbling about the tomato sauce stains that didn't come out or the fact that you never saw your kid wear this outfit, so he must have put it in the laundry while it was still clean (again!) as if the laundry wasn't never ending enough without having to wash clean clothes too..., you can choose to be fully aware of the folding. The warmth of the clothes, the fresh smell, the colors, the texture, the sunlight coming through the windows.....


    Your hands don't need to slow down, but if your mind does, even these mundane activities can become a form of self care. Folding laundry is not in itself an agitating activity, but is a task that you can easily bring your own agitation into, just like any other 'mindless' activity. Make the mindless more mindful and restful by being truly present for it. Your laundry will never be the same!