• Prenatal testimonials

  • What our students have to say about our prenatal classes:

  • I truly can't thank you enough for the incredible yoga classes and support you created for me and the other girls every Sunday. Not only did I feel physically prepared and relaxed but I love the fact that it felt like a genuine, caring community from the very beginning. I love how you explained what was happening to our bodies and why the various positions and stretches you were showing us were benefiting our bodies and babies. Your calming demeanor helped to put my doubts and fears to rest and I really appreciated your guidance throughout the entire course. You are incredible at what you do and women are lucky to have you be a part of their pregnancy.

    - Megan

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of Prenatal Yoga. I think if it wasn't for your class and the girls my pregnancy would have been very difficult. I loved the experience and am sad that it is over.

    -Leigh Schlosser

  • "Practicing yoga throughout my pregnancy definitely helped me to relax during labor. In fact, at one point my midwife thought that my contractions had slowed down, but really it was that she was only noticing every other one because I was so relaxed!"

    -Katie B

  • "Our baby arrived after a very quick labor of 1.5 hours at the hospital and no meds. I attribute how well the delivery went to all your help in yoga class."

    -Julie S.

  • I know you say this all the time,  but I'll say it again- the key for me was to breathe. I used my slow deep yoga breaths during contractions and they were equally as important to help me recover during the pushing phase. The more controlled my breathing was, the better for him while he made his way out. My doctor kept saying- "breathe for your baby!"... and I surely showed her some deep intense yoga breathing!

    Thank you for all your help with the preparation for this big day. I will miss my Sunday yoga sessions, not only for the great stretching and relaxing, but for the camaraderie and support you and the girls provided.

    -Chrissy Maun

  • I just wanted to let you know our sweet baby boy came into this world last Friday!  He was 9 lbs and 12 oz and 23 inches long -big baby!
    But I wanted to write you and thank you so much because during labor, his head was not budging.

    I heard the nurses start calling for a doctor and an O.R. and it had only been about 25 minutes of pushing. His heart rate was dropping and I was passing out.  But somehow, I heard your voice and telling us to imagine our pelvic floor muscles almost falling out in our squat positions and during my last push - he came out!  I didn't even tear!

    Amazing - you helped me have this baby healthy and no emergency C-section.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I think your prenatal yoga class needs to be an integral part of every woman's pregnancy and even if I don't have anymore children, I will keep sending pregnant women your way!

    -Meredith Dolley