• Prenatal Yoga


     This yoga class is safe, fun and healthy for women that are enjoying an uncomplicated pregnancy. We focus on yoga poses that will help your body cope with going through the changes of pregnancy and prepare it for giving birth. The class can be started in any trimester and continued until the big day. Although, the earlier in your pregnancy you start, the greater the benefits. This class is a mix of strengthening and stretching exercises, while also paying attention to breathing and relaxations technique. Many of the poses we do are aimed at maintaining proper posture and finding relief for pregnancy related aliments such as: ligament pain, lower back discomfort and swollen ankles.

    We encourage the use of props and will modify or avoid any poses not suitable for this phase in your life. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies when rest is needed.

    Come meet other moms to be!

    Beginners are welcome. Physical limitations can usually be accommodated. Women only.


    Prenatal class is held on Sunday morning from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm in 4 to 8 week sessions. There need to be at least 5 participants committing to the session in order for the session to be held.  

    Once the minimum number of participants has been reached, women whose due date falls within the session, or who have to miss class on occasion are welcome to do drop in classes ($18 per class). New students are welcome to join ongoing sessions. 

    Private lessons in the comfort of your own home are also available to help you begin or continue a home practice through your pregnancy.


    Email us to be put on the list for announcements about future series. 


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  • Spinal Balance

    Utthita Marjaryasana


    • Lengthens the arms and legs
    • Tones the core
    • Gentle back strengthener
    • Improves sense of balance
    • Prepares the body for balancing postures
  • Tree Pose



    • Stretches your inner thighs, groin and shoulders.
    • Strengthens your thighs, calves, core, and foot muscles.
    • Strengthens your posture.
    • Calms and relaxes your mind and central nervous system.
    • Develops balance.
    • Increases your mind / body awareness.