• Private Lessons

  • In private lessons 100% of the focus is on you: Your wants, your needs, your challenges and limits, your mood. You are a unique individual and so the particular poses and stretches you need to release tension and invigorate your body are unique. Every student is on their own path to reach their own goals.

    Whether you are just starting, feel a need to deepen your practice or whether you are healing an injury, private yoga lessons are the fastest way to reach your goals.

    All our teachers are available for private instruction.


  • Marleen

    Specialties: Beginners, Inflexibility, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Posture Problems, Thai Yoga Massage, Trigger Point Release


    Marleen has worked with many different kinds of people, from healthy to not, and has a passion for putting students on the path of yoga. Private sessions can be combined with Thai Yoga Massage and/or Trigger Point Release.

    Private sessions can be booked for Tuesdays and Fridays between 11 am and 3 pm. Generally, private sessions are held at Marleen's house, unless other arrangements are made. Marleen lives with a dog and cats, so please take potential allergies into account when scheduling an appointment. 

  • Laura

    Specialties: Adaptive, Prenatal and Restorative yoga


    Laura has extensive experience working with people with mild to extreme physical limitations due to a variety of illness, injury, pregnancy, weight issues, etc. She has the experience to accommodate postures to fit individual needs of students to support and deepen their personal practice. 

  • Sandra

    Specialities: All levels of yoga students and yoga teachers instruction and mentoring. Alignment and re-alignment of the body; alignment and re-alignment of the mind or the emotions using the wisdom and techniques of yoga psychology. Meditation practices (all levels) and reconnection to Spirit instruction.


    With 45 years of experience teaching yoga students and yoga teachers in North America and training Yoga teachers Internationally, Sandra has worked successfully with body problems creating Backcare programs, Rehabilitation programs, Spinal alignment programs, etc.  She also has decades of experience working with students and clients Spiritual Issues, mental and emotional transformation needs, and general re-alignment situations. 
    Sandra's focus is on giving people the tools they need to create comfort on every level in their lives.