• Yoga Class Testimonials

  • Todd

    Love the style of teaching where the instructor is present and helps the students with poses and hands on instruction! Marleen is our favorite Sunday morning!

  • Patrice

    I've been going to Marleen for yoga as long as she's been teaching it, and I've never found a better experience elsewhere. Ever. With a variety of classes and teachers, every need is addressed: strength, flexibility, rehabilitation, improved well-being, deep stretch, and more. The personal attention all of the teachers provide is unparalleled; no one else cares as much as they do about how you're doing and making sure you progress on your own terms. Do yourself a favor and visit today!

  • Jady

    The menu of approaches to practice that are offered by competent, highly trained teachers, who are learning new things all the time, is of value to both beginning students and long time practitioners, from young to silver haired. All in a spacious, classic studio environment with soaring ceilings and hardwood floors.

  • Melody

    Practicing yoga makes my body feel younger. When I'm away from it for a vacation, I can really feel "old age" creeping back up on me. Whether I've got a stiff joint or a complaining muscle, it's so great that Marleen can tailor a stretch or movement to target the problem area so I can DO something about it, instead of just suffering.

  • S.L.

    Benicia Yoga and Wellness offers just what I need. I enjoy the physically challenging Iyengar style classes and appreciate the deep stretch and easier paced classes that make it possible for me to come to classes several days a week. I have taken advantage of the bodywork sessions too. They have made a huge difference in my health. This studio is a very important part of my health and well being.

  • D.V.A.

    I like the individualized attention that each student receives during a yoga class to insure that each person is doing the movements correctly and safely. I feel that I have had a workout after each class and feel more relaxed and serene afterward. I especially like the fact that the yoga classes are presented in a healing manner.

  • S.N.

    On returning after many years to Yoga practice I tried out several studios and community classes without success, then I found Marleen's studio. The perfect fit of good bodywork and feeding my soul!

  • Sue

    I started practicing yoga with Marleen about 11 years ago. She is the best! I've tried other yoga instructors because of moving and or travel and still find myself eagerly returning to her classes. She's even worth the $5 Benicia Bridge toll! She explains the movements and postures in clear easy language. I can finally reach my toes in a forward bend. Her classes are challenging, fun and different every time. I've learned so much from her and am a more peaceful wife and mother since starting her classes. I'm hooked for life.

  • Margaret

    As a long time student of this studio I have grown with it. Many developments through the years which are driven by the teachers desire to fulfill the students. Marleen's Thai Massage and Trigger Point Therapy has literally changed my ability to adapt to a long ago injury. Sandra taught me how to breathe, literally. I am extremely proud to say I have been a student since 2008. Yoga with Marleen, Sandra, and Barbara is a blessing. So happy to be here.