• To Be or To Do

  • Many of us measure our self worth by how productive we are, how much we get accomplished each day. We make lists and cross items off. We give everything 100%. We squeeze in a quick task before we need to leave on yet another task. We feel agitation or guilt when we haven't 'deserved' down time or fun time. Then when evening comes and the kids are in bed and the kitchen is clean and it is almost time for bed because we have to get up in the morning so we can do it all again, we feel wiped out. Exhausted. But often unable to sleep. 

    Why don't we feel satisfied and happy and accomplished at the end of the day, isn't that what we've kept busy for? We've been led to believe that striving for accomplishments is the path to being satisfied and happy, but most of us manage to deplete ourselves so much in the process that any sense of satisfaction is depleted too. 

    Consider this: your self worth is not based on your accomplishments, it is based on your existence as a whole human being. Taking the time to 'be' to balance out all the 'doing' is what will make you feel happier and more satisfied at the end of the day. Let go of the guilt when you take some time to do 'nothing'. Whatever shape you feel like giving that 'nothing'. Build plenty of nothing into your day, if you can!

    The next time you've exhausted yourself, despite your best intentions, and evening finds you draped like a dishrag on the couch, peel yourself off and do a legs-up-the-wall with something draped over your eyes, paying close attention to your breath. And if it happens to be a Tuesday, you're in luck: head to Restorative Yoga and get rejuvenated!


    First posted Sep 2010.