• Yoga Class Descriptions

  • Which Class Should You Attend?

    Choose a class that fits your schedule. Classes meet weekly and can be joined at any time.
    Teaching styles vary among our instructors, so if a class does not suit you, please try another.

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  • Yoga for Everybody

    A yoga class for all skill levels that is geared each week to the participant needs and wants. Some weeks it will be a challenging class with lots of standing poses, at other times it will be a gentle flow style class. We may work solely on back tension, or shoulders, or hip openers.

    We don't know what we're going to do, only that everyone is welcome.

    Beginners welcome. Physical limitations can usually be accommodated.

    Sunday mornings 9.30 - 10.45 am with Marleen.

  • Morning Flow Yoga

    Start your week off right with a Vinyasa Flow Yoga that consists of creative flowing sequences, combining movement with the breath, building strength, awareness and openness. You will experience a safe yet challenging practice, where the flow of movement, breath, balance and focus become aligned, leaving you feeling relaxed yet energized.
    This class is designed for a beginner ready for more challenge. 

    Monday mornings 9 - 10.15 am with Jackie

  • Gentle Yoga for Strength & Mobility

     A flow type class that aims to loosen up the joints and the muscles while gently building strength for more demanding poses. Matching the movements to the breath helps foster awareness of the body and how it responds to the things we do in class. This way we work in harmony with the body rather than force the mind over matter. Recommended for people who need a more gentle approach to building strength and fitness and who value stress release as much as increasing fitness. Class will generally be geared to the students' needs.
    Beginners welcome. Physical limitations can usually be accommodated.
    Tuesday mornings 9 - 10.15 am with Marleen.
  • Restorative Yoga

    Restorative Yoga is a passive form of yoga in which bolsters, blankets, other props and hands-on, gentle assists are used to facilitate fully supported poses so the body can enjoy deep and purposeful rest. Restorative Yoga is a great practice for the overactive mind and body, for healing old injuries, and as an incredible salve for emotional distress and anxiety. Restorative Yoga drops the body down into the parasympathetic nervous system that allows overall balance to return to the body by way of deep relaxation and letting go.

    This class is an hour and a half and is open to all levels.

    Physical limitations can be accommodated.

    Tuesday evenings 7.30 - 9 pm with Laura.

  • Let's Have a Ball! Yoga

    A fun, fit yoga flow incorporating an exercise ball.
    this unique class incorporates a stability exercise ball for students to find support, core strengthening and deep supportive stretching. Using the ball can help initiate, support and modify poses for greater strength, grace and balance. A blend of mat work, graceful flows, yin and restorative yoga. 

    Beginners are welcome. Physical limitations can usually be accommodated. 

    Wednesday mornings 9 am to 10.15 pm with Laura.

    Starts September 12th. 

  • Yoga for Stress Resilience

    "Almost everyone knows what it feels like to be stressed. And stress causes or exacerbates many health conditions. In this class we aim to optimize our yoga practice to increase our tolerance for stress, on and off the mat. It features movement, breathing and centering techniques to first bring our nervous systems to a state of balance and then looks to expand our window of tolerance by mindfully increasing the challenge in our practice. With sustained practice this yoga class may literally change your brain!

    Beginners welcome. Physical limitations can be accommodated. This class is trauma-informed.

    Wednesday evenings, 7.15 -8.30 pm, with Marleen



  • Yoga Flow: Deep and Slow

    A slow, deep, fluid and meditative practice with longer, challenging holds and a focus on linking breath to the to movement, to find depth and alignment principles in each asana/ posture.

    A basic knowledge of some of the elemental yoga poses is needed. Physical limitations can be accommodated. 


    Thursday mornings 9 am - 10.15 am with Laura

  • Deep Stretch

    In this Yin style yoga class we don't just release tension in the muscles, but also in the connective tissues. Daily stress and emotional stress tends to build up in the body until it gets tight and inflexible or even starts to hurt.

    This class is geared towards relieving that tension, facilitating easier movement and a better flow of energy. The stretches are held for several minutes with the help of props. This class is great for those who are dealing with stress, insomnia and who feel tight and inflexible.

    There is an optional 20 minute warm up with Sun Salute Variations before the start of this class. There is no extra charge for this.

    Beginners welcome. Physical limitations can be accommodated.

    Friday mornings 9 - 10.15 am (Sun Salute Variations start at 8.40 am) with Marleen.

    • Aim to be 5 minutes early for class, so you can be set up at starting time.
    • Turn off your cell phone.
    • If you're on call, please put your phone on vibrate and place it next to your mat. Step outside to answer any calls.
    • If you're late to class, please wait until beginning meditation is over before you set up.
    • Please do not wear perfume or cologne to class, some students are very sensitive to smell.
    • If you need to leave early, pack up and leave before final relaxation.
    • Wear comfortable clothing. Not too tight, so you can move. Not too loose, so it will stay place if you are upside down.
    • Bring your own mat if you have one. The studio also has mats for you to use.
    • Sign in and mark your card every time you come to class.

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